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Event webpage, online registration and a stack of tools to help reach participants and run your event.

GetEvent is a hub for finding and assisting with endurance events including cycling, running and multisport. If you choose, we offer online registration and a volunteer platform that simplify and streamline the process for you and your participants. We make it easy to make your event a success!

Add Your Event to the GetEvent Calendar

A Free Event Webpage and More...

  • Easy and quick to add your event.
  • You can provide branding, details, sponsor logos and links for potential participants and fans.
  • Location information and easily findable with Google maps.
  • SEO optimized to highly rank your event via web searches.
  • Renewable each year, means that each edition of your event uses the same URL.
  • Includes an event director profile page that you can customize, includes the events you host.
  • Participants can provide ratings, comments, social media posts and photos of their experience.
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Online Event Registration *optional

Online Registration Overview
  • You (we can help) set up your event to pre-register your participants and collect fees the way you decide.
  • Participants register for your event, including any products or donations and pay using our secure payment system.
  • You have full control using an event control panel for viewing reports, managing your event and participants.
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Online Registration Features & Options Expand all features

Donations & Fundraising

Everyone that registers will have an option to donate in addition to the regstration fee. Participants have a customizable donation page with a link that they get in the confirmation email to share with family and friends.

Sell Event Products

Participants can buy your products while registering and anyone can buy directly from your event web page, even after the event has passed.

Manage Participants

Included in the control panel is an email broadcast tool, add/edit participants and other tools to make the day of the event simple and smooth.

Customize Information You Collect

You can ask questions that you define that are specific for your event, customize the event waiver and the confirmation email. You have the option to include different registration pages to customize the registration process to meet your needs.


Graphs, web reports, downloadable CSV reports for the roster, financials, donations and more...


The GetEvent Fee Structure is 4% + $1.50 per registrant for registration fees. This matches or improves upon other event registration sites. Try our Fee Calculator to get an exact value of our fees based on the entry fee for your event. Donations have a reduced processing fee of 3.5% + $0.30 and products have a 10% processing fee. And by the way, free events are free.

White Labeled Registration

Want a seamless user experience for your participants? Link directly from your website to registration and customize the look of your registration pages with our white labeling system. You have complete control over the HTML/CSS for the template that holds the registration slides. We can help you get the look you're looking for.

Invitation/Application system

Got an event that is going to fill up? Our application process was designed to be a fair and effective way to handle high profile events.

Volunteer Programs

You can set up a schedule with jobs that volunteers can sign up for to help put on your event. Potential volunteers can sign up from the event page or a registration link. A volunteer program control panel allows you to manage, view and communicate with your volunteers.

Registration Fee & Pricing Structure

Set registration fee price increases by date, so the price changes as your event date get closer. Create coupons by percentage or dollar amount, multi-race discounts and more.

Individual, Team, and Family Registration Options

Do you want to encourage families to attend your event? What about corporate teams? GetEvent allows you to set up special family and team rates. Whether each participant will sign himself or herself up or a captain will sign up the entire group, we can set up your event to accommodate nearly any situation.

Categories/Age Groups

Designate the categories that are available. The fee structure can be set up differently for each category and each category can have it's own restrictions that prevent participants from signing up for the wrong category.

USAC license verification

Take the hassle out of race day and let us handle license verification. We even provide one day license purchasing for athletes who do not have annual licenses. Our verification system also ensures every competitor is entered in to their respective category and age group, eliminating race day changes.

Social Network Options

We provide tools that will help your participants promote your event. With the simple click of a button, a participant can share their registration and your event to all their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Sharing event pages via email and the option to share their registration details after signing up offer additional ways to "spread the word".

Customer Service

As experienced event directors ourselves and so many options available when setting up an event. We can help you set up your event and customize the experience for your participants.

List Your Event for Sale!

Event Sales

Customize your listing on the dynamic map based directory.

  • A Complete Event Listings Directory.
  • Set the price, details and financials.
  • A minimal monthly charge to list your event can be cancelled anytime.
  • GetEvent is a hub for event directors, your event listing will be seen by potential buyers.
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Volunteer Sign-up and Management

Volunteer Control Panel

Get volunteers and get them organized!

  • Free.
  • A control panel with tools to manage your Volunteers.
  • Create and view jobs with filled time slots for each job.
  • Email all your volunteers all at once or select volunteers.
  • Renewable each year, means that each edition of your event uses the same URL.
  • It is quick and easy for your volunteers to sign up. They simply click on the jobs they want and proceed to the next screen to enter their personal information.
  • Get Started with a Volunteer Program  

Sell Event Related Products

Volunteer Control Panel

Add your products to our store and add to your event's income!

  • We charge just 10% of the product price.
  • Products can be purchased during registration, from the event page and from our store.
  • You can choose for products to be handed out at the event or available to ship or both.
  • Detailed product sales reports are available from your dashboard.
  • Add a product sell in our store

Resources for Event Directors

Event Director Resources

We have tools and information to help.

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