New Boston, MI

Jun 9, 2012

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Apr 06 2012, 12:00 am (Eastern)
Apr 28 2012, 8:00 am (Eastern)
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Jun 9 2012
New Boston, MI

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Are you looking for a fun and memory-making activity to do with your kids? Then sign up for the Race! Whether you run, jog, walk or watch, it'll be an experience you will never forget! Teams of 2 (adult/kid, kid/kid or adult/adult) complete a 1 mile cross country course that includes up to 8 fun-filled stations. We are committed to providing opportunities for youth to get active with adults (parents, grandparents, siblings, mentors, etc.). Touring all NFL cities.

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Jun 9 2012
Location: New Boston, MI
Event Type: Adventure
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Official Site:   A Fun Cross Country Adventure Race for Two … adult/kid or kid/kid!
             OVERVIEW: The goal of the race is to provide kids with an opportunity to pair up with a parent, grandparent, sibling or mentor and experience the thrill of running in a fun and invigorating environment together. Whether you run, jog, walk or watch, it'll be an experience you will never forget. It's way more fun than a 5K!
             “Thank you for your time and what an awesome day my son and I had. My son could not stop talking about it and thanking me for taking him! I truly appreciate the work you and your team our doing, it has made memories that will last a life time.” Race parent.
              The top 25 teams, from each city, qualify for the National Championship Race and a chance to win $2,000!
              RACE DETAILS: Inspired by the popular television show "THE AMAZING RACE", teams of two race against other teams around a one (1) mile cross country course that includes up to eight (8) fun-filled challenge stations. The clue cards instruct the teams to complete a task (game, relay, obstacle course, etc.) before proceeding to the next challenge station. Teamwork is essential! The team that reaches the finish line with the fastest overall time is declared the winner. Contestants should be prepared to get a little dirty and wet - it's part of the fun!    Teams can choose a recreation level (those who prefer to walk or jog at a leisure pace) or a competitive level (those who prefer to run and complete more challenging tasks). 
              WHO: The race is designed for teams of two (adult/kid or kid/kid), one or both participants must be a kid in kindergarten - 12th grade. Pre-K is allowed if paired with an adult. Max of 150 teams. Spectators are welcome to tag along for free and take photos for the scrapbook.
              EVENT SPONSORSHIP: Contact us at if you are interested in learning about partnership and vendor booth opportunities. 
             The GREAT AMAZING RACE series supports the 30-MINUTES-A-DAY academic initiative, a national program that promotes daily family engagement in three home activities (physical exercise, reading a book and healthy eating) that have the power to improve student's academic performance and family quality of life. We recognize that it is hard to have success at school without a solid foundation at home.

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