Dr. Hodson's Rock the Clock

Great Falls, MT

Jul 12, 2014

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Dr. Hodson's Rock the Clock

Mar 25 2014, 7:00 am (Mountain)
Jul 11 2014, 5:00 pm (Mountain)
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Jul 12 2014
Great Falls, MT

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Tired of the same old 5K?

This is a new concept in road racing!


Rock the Clock is a one hour timed raffle race on a there and back course. You have to “rock the clock” and get back within 60 minutes to enter your tickets for the raffle. Runners, joggers and walkers will start with one yellow ticket and then earn tickets for every half mile they run starting at 1.5 miles (For every half mile you run out, that is a half mile you have to return). You will have 30 minutes to collect as many tickets as possible, then on the return there will be no collection of tickets. Upon completion of the course, participants will drop their tickets into the color coded raffle boxes.

  • 3-4-5 Miles – yellow ticket
  • 6-7-8 Miles – orange ticket
  • 9-10 Miles – red ticket

Where am I supposed to keep my raffle tickets during the race?

Good question! All runners will receive a racing wrist wallet with registration.  Along with a racing bib, this must be worn during the race in order to receive raffle tickets from volunteers.


Kid’s Rock the Clock: THE 8 MINUTE DASH

(4 minutes out and back)

9:45 start time (approximate time depending on if we are still giving out prizes).

How it will run: Starting at 400 meters, every 200 meters kids will receive tickets to be redeemed at a prize table at the end of the race. The more tickets the bigger the prize! Don’t worry… all kiddos will receive at least one ticket as well and therefore will be able to get a prize. Kids will receive a slap bracelet to be worn during the race in order to receive tickets. Racers will be encouraged to make it back in time and we will sound the 8 minute horn, but they will be guaranteed a prize even if they make it back late. Parents can run free with their children to help them along the way.


Raffle Rules

For every ticket there will be a chance to win prizes at the end of the race. The further you run the better your chances of winning a prize. There will be three categories of prizes based on length of run. Drawings will be made for all three categories (at the discretion of the race director) with the grand prize and many of the bigger prizes coming from the orange ticket pool, giving everyone several chances to win. Everyone will receive at least one orange ticket in their swag (goodie bag) before the race. Participants will be allowed to enter those tickets in the raffle boxes before the run, just in case you make it back late, you will still have a chance to win! The raffle will start immediately following the race. Once the raffle starts, there will be NO more collection of raffle tickets. You must be present to win.


Unofficial Rule: We want as many people as possible to win a prize! In the event that someone wins more than one prize, they will be encouraged to “EXCHANGE” or “PASS” on receiving more than one prize. Thanks in advance for spreading the love!


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Dr. Hodson's Rock the Clock

Jul 12 2014
Location: Great Falls, MT
Event Type: Other
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